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Decorated straps

Guardolificio Giusy is a company based in Tuscany in the world wide known area called Chianti shire,between Florence and Siena, established in 1990 as a family run business, producing Italian made components for shoes,belts, bags and leatherware industries.

At first production was focused on Mignon and Bans-straps mainly for women's shoes, using the best quality leather and-only on demand - synthetic materials.

Then in years 2000 Guardolificio Giusy starts the new adventure of trading its own products: as a consequence to the technical production standard's evolution, the Factory benefit of an encouraging response of the costumers. That generates a growth in the infrastructure of the company itself.

Such a growth,along with the special care always devoted to the quality standards, soon opened the doors to an important range of ralationships with well known and named Brands of the High-Fashion industry.
So that, a very deep specialization and know-how on the production of technical items has come, particulary referring to Leatherware,Belts and Bags Industry, but also for Forniture's decoration, out of the Shoes industy as ever.

All the above, and furtheron, the introduction of exclusive technical procedures of production, are stating what Guardolificio Giusy is now a days:
a modern, efficient and dynamic company serving all costumers who need high quality standards,exclusivity on their own products, and fast deliveries.

Having a look to our website, the specialists will be able to find a big variety of products useful in many applications, such us:

-Reinforced folded straps, round and flat, in many widths starting from 1 mm, made by leather,synthetics or
-Elastic straps and bands
-Braids and Looms for uppers, bags and belts, made by leather, synthetics or textiles
-Tube bands,even reinforced, available in all dimensions and made by leather,synthetics or textiles

Guardolificio Giusy

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